AS Pro Kapital Grupp intends to suggest to secured bonds 2020/2024 holders to change the terms and conditions of the bonds

28 novembris, 2023

AS Pro Kapital Grupp (hereinafter referred to as the Company) has issued 285 secured bonds with ISIN SE0012801172 in the total value of 28 500 000 euros. The bonds bear 8% interest and their redemption date is 20 February 2024. The bonds are traded on Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange.

In connection with the plan to continue development activities, the Company hereby informs bondholders that it is currently preparing and in the near future intends to present to the bondholders a proposal to extend the bond redemption term by 4 years e.g. until 20 February 2028. The intention is to increase interest rate and to redeem bonds partially (however, not more than 30%) in relation to the extension of the bonds. According to the procedure provided in the bond terms, the Company will initiate a Written Procedure as soon as possible and publish a detailed proposal for amending the bond terms as a separate stock exchange announcement, after which the bondholders will be able to vote on the amendments to the bond terms.

Edoardo Axel Preatoni
Member of the Management Board
Tel +372 6144 920
Email: prokapital@prokapital.ee