We have started the construction of Kindrali Houses in Kristiine City, Tallinn

We have started the construction of Kindrali Houses with modern and Scandinavian architecture. In two construction phases, three buildings with different exterior architecture and functional plannings will be built, a spacious and embossed courtyard area between the houses, also underground and above-ground parking spaces. In the first construction phase, which started today, two buildings will be completed, the completion of which is planned for the summer of 2022 at the latest, and to date, more than 50% of the apartments have been sold or booked.

Kindrali Houses is an exciting and versatile development – on the one hand, there is a tree-lined alley framing the buildings, and Brooklyn-like high first-floor homes or commercial spaces that open directly into the street. On the other hand, there is a spacious and private courtyard between the buildings with fruit trees, berry bushes, cozy seating areas and play areas, which offers joy and activity for everyone. The development of Kindrali Houses brings a lively city center atmosphere to the garden-city environment of Kristiine City. The 1-5 room apartments of Kindrali Houses are private and bright, and almost all homes have balconies. The interior finish is truly timeless and you will find very high quality and well-known manufacturers. We believe, this will give new homeowners security and peace of mind for years to come.

The architects of the buildings and landscape of the Kindrali Houses are the leading architect Indrek Tiigi and the Allianss Arhitektid, and the interior architect is Galina Burnakova. More information about the Kindrali Houses can be found here.

Kristiine City is a complete and versatile living environment in the heart of Tallinn, where functional city houses with a modern look will be built. The history of this area dates back to the 17th century when summer manors were built. At the beginning of the 20th century, the buildings of Peter the Great’s sea fortress were built here, part of which are the barracks which are familiar to people. We have brought an urban atmosphere to this area with an exciting history and it has become a beloved living environment. Today, Kristina Houses, where more than 300 young families live, have been completed in Kristiine City, also Tondi 51 barracks and Marsi 6 lofts have been given a new life. In March 2021 , a development called Ratsuri Houses was completed. This is a unique combination of a historic stable building and a New Holland-style house that was build to companion the stable house. Ratsuri Houses is the first development of Pro Kapital, which was sold out before the end of construction.

Ratsuri Houses in Kristiine City Tallinn is sold out

Ratsuri Houses became the first Pro Kapital’s development project in 25 years, which was sold out before the end of construction. Ratsuri Houses is part of the Kristiine City residential quarter, which has become a truly valued area by customers. Most homes in Kristiine City, also in other development projects have found a new owner before the end of construction. To date, in our new project in the area Kindrali Houses, more than 50% of the apartments have already been booked or sold before the start of construction.

People’s interest in Ratsuri Houses and other developments in Kristiine City is a confirmation that this area has turned into a valued living environment. Although Kristiine City is very close to the city center, you feel as if you’re in a lovely green and safe garden city. Home buyers also appreciate the high quality and functionality of the developments.

Ratsuri Houses is a truly unique combination of historical character and modern architecture. During the construction, the 20th-century stable building under heritage protection was reconstructed, and a new New-Dutch style building was built to accompany it. Ratsuri Houses has a total of 39 diverse homes – 17 in the former stable building and 22 in the new building. The stable house welcomes with its thick stone walls, historical limestone, and red brick. The homes are open to the heart of Kristiine City on the one hand, and to their own private courtyard area on the other. The New Dutch-style houses have functional townhouses, floor-to-ceiling windows, lots of light, and cozy loggias. There are both smaller and larger, two-story homes.

Kristiine City is a complete and versatile living environment in the heart of Tallinn, where functional city houses with a modern look are being built. The history of this area dates back to the 17th century when summer manors were built. At the beginning of the 20th century, the buildings of Peter the Great’s sea fortress were erected here, part of which is also barracks that have become familiar to people. Today, Kristina Houses, where more than 300 families live, have been completed in Kristiine City, Tondi 51 barracks, loft-style apartments at Marsi 6, and now Ratsuri Houses have been given a new life. The construction of Pro Kapital’s new development project in Kristiine City, Kindrali Houses will begin soon and in addition, there are many more historical pearls waiting to be developed here.

T1 Mall of Tallinn’s rooftop Ferris wheel completed

Tallinn’s new landmark, the Super Skypark observation wheel to be erected on the roof of T1 Mall of Tallinn shopping and entertainment centre, has been completed at the Dutch factory. The grand opening ride will take place in April.

The Ferris wheel, reaching 120 metres above sea level on the roof of the Mall, has been completed at a Netherlands factory, as seen from fresh photos taken on the premises of the wheel’s maker Mondial Rides.

“After thoroughly inspecting the structure and documentation and conducting technical tests, we have been satisfied that the Ferris wheel is in full working order,” said Aleksander Iivanainen, the head of equipment control of Inspecta Estonia OÜ.

Allan Remmelkoor, the general manager of T1 Mall of Tallinn and member of the management board of its developer Pro Kapital Grupp, said it is fascinating to see the somewhat wacky idea from some time ago become reality. “The Ferris wheel will add a fabulous touch not just to our Mall but to Tallinn as a whole, providing an incentive for tourists to stay a day longer and bring the whole family,” he noted.

According to Alar Kajari, CEO of the operator of the Super Skypark entertainment centre, the observation wheel will soon be transported to Tallinn and reassembled. “We won’t announce an exact opening date just yet, but we believe the grand opening ride will be possible as early as April,” Kajari added.

The 27-pod Ferris wheel is an important element of the novel shopping and entertainment concept underlying T1 Mall of Tallinn, recently opened at the beginning of Tallinn’s Peterburi tee. It is the first centre in Europe featuring a rooftop observation wheel, a landmark attraction. Only five similar structures are known to exist in the world, all of them in Asia.

Each heated and air-conditioned pod of the Ferris wheel has room for up to six people. The wheel also has a VIP gondola for the romantics. The pods are accessible by wheelchair as well.

The Ferris wheel project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Source: Super Skypark

T1 Mall of Tallinn’s grand opening set for November 9

Estonia’s first new-generation shopping and entertainment centre T1 Mall of Tallinn opens to public on November 9.


AS Pro Kapital Grupp Chairman of the Board Paolo Michelozzi: “The global shopping mall industry is going through a seismic shift. T1 Mall of Tallinn follows the founding principles of new-generation shopping centres, inviting visitors into a spacious urban environment instead of a confined box and emphasizing moods and emotions to complement the usual shopping experience.

For Pro Kapital, this project is one of our largest in the Baltics and its successful completion is a good signal for our investors as well as anyone with the courage to think big and pursue innovation.“


AS Pro Kapital Grupp Management Board Member Allan Remmelkoor says that given the state of the construction market both in Estonia and globally, following the initial schedule which was set in more relaxed times has required strong efforts. “I therefore extend special thanks to all builders and designers, our main contractor Merko and subcontractors who have led and will continue to lead, for the coming weeks, the effort of hundreds of builders towards achieving T1 Mall of Tallinn’s maximum post-opening value for the city of Tallinn, its people, our guests and ultimately the whole country.”


After opening, T1 Mall of Tallinn will provide a multitude of news for Tallinners and visitors alike, including almost 60 completely new brands, food concepts and domains. “The final result is even more fabulous than we planned years ago,” said Allan Remmelkoor. “An urban park rising through three floors, a metropolitan terrace glasshouse for restaurants, outstanding sound and light solutions, plenty of new stores, obviously, the movie theatre with cutting-edge technology and last but not least, our first-in-Europe rooftop observation wheel will add excitement to Tallinn’s daily life and provide an extra incentive for tourists to visit the city.”


The mall at the beginning of Peterburi tee, one of Tallinn’s busiest roads, will boldly combine retail, entertainment and novel architectural concepts of space for the first time in Estonia. On almost 80,000 square metres, it will accommodate close to 150 shops, service businesses and experience venues, over 30 cafes and restaurants, street food areas and three spacious urban squares with indoor streets in between.

T1 Mall of Tallinn – a new standard of retail and entertainment

In October 2018, the new T1 Mall of Tallinn shall open at the heart of Estonia’s capital – a shopping and entertainment centre unlike any other built in Estonia and the Baltics so far and featuring an extravagant landmark unique in whole Europe.

T1 Mall of Tallinn shall raise the bar for all retail and entertainment centres in the region.

Location. T1 Mall of Tallinn’s location is and shall remain a key advantage over all new shopping malls built in any European capital.

Tallinn’s centre lies 4 km from the Mall and the airport is just 1 km away. The tram taking passengers from the city to airport and vice versa stops on a new city square right in front of the Mall. Buses to St. Petersburg, Riga and Estonian cities will be stopping at one corner of the Mall. At the other corner lies the future main terminal for Rail Baltic, Estonia’s new railway connection to the rest of Europe, serving hundreds of thousands passengers a year.

According to specialists, a shopping centre that is essentially a gate to the whole city, or having such a comprehensive transport hub in the heart of a capital city in the first place, is unique in the Nordic countries and all of Europe.

Emotions and entertainment. On the roof of T1 Mall of Tallinn, a Ferris wheel rising 120 metres above sea level will be the first of its kind in Europe. Only 5 similar structures exist worldwide, all of them in Asia.

Beneath the wheel, on the 4th floor of the Mall, an entertainment centre on 6,500 m2 will offer science, music and all sorts of climbing, jumping and play for children. According to a survey conducted in Scandinavia and the Baltics, the new family entertainment centre could attract up to 45,000 new tourists to the country annually.

As part of its fast expansion in the Baltics and Nordic countries, international cinema operator Cinamon shall establish its flagship multiplex movie theatre in the Mall, complete with the world’s newest technology and subtle interiors. The Mall has several other unique features, such as the largest whole foods market in the Baltics and a huge Food & Beverage area on 5,500 m2.

Interior solutions. The era of low-ceiling maze-like shopping centres is coming to an end throughout the world. At a time of fast developments in e-commerce, a visit to a shopping centre should be a distinct pleasurable experience not only in terms of shopping but the overall environment and atmosphere as well. This is exactly what T1 Mall of Tallinn’s concept is designed to offer. With ceilings up to 7 metres high, glass-dome atriums breaking through all floors to let in the sunlight, novel sound and lighting solutions and various attractions, the visitors shall feel as enjoying pastime in the city or in a park.

“We shall not build a dull and mediocre box. We shall create something fabulous, something previously unseen around here. Something so great that it sets a new standard hardly reachable for others. This is how I have been taught to think in Pro Kapital since 1997, and 20 years later those very principles are underlying the construction of T1 Mall of Tallinn – a shopping and entertainment centre unique in all the Baltics. Like the experts of our field flocked to the Mall of Scandinavia in 2015, they will be coming to T1 Mall of Tallinn in 2018.“ Allan Remmelkoor, management board member of Pro Kapital, on the development of T1 Mall of Tallinn.


  • 55,000 m2 shopping area with over 200 stores
  • 15,000 m2 entertainment area, including
  • 6,500 m2 of family entertainment
  • 3,000 m2 cinema
  • 5,500 m2 food & beverage area
  • 1,500 parking places
  • first-in-Europe rooftop Ferris wheel rising 120 m above sea level
  • 5-7 m high shopfronts
  • 4 floors
  • Total investment 75 mln euros