T1 Mall of Tallinn’s rooftop Ferris wheel completed

February 9, 2019

Tallinn’s new landmark, the Super Skypark observation wheel to be erected on the roof of T1 Mall of Tallinn shopping and entertainment centre, has been completed at the Dutch factory. The grand opening ride will take place in April.

The Ferris wheel, reaching 120 metres above sea level on the roof of the Mall, has been completed at a Netherlands factory, as seen from fresh photos taken on the premises of the wheel’s maker Mondial Rides.

“After thoroughly inspecting the structure and documentation and conducting technical tests, we have been satisfied that the Ferris wheel is in full working order,” said Aleksander Iivanainen, the head of equipment control of Inspecta Estonia OÜ.

Allan Remmelkoor, the general manager of T1 Mall of Tallinn and member of the management board of its developer Pro Kapital Grupp, said it is fascinating to see the somewhat wacky idea from some time ago become reality. “The Ferris wheel will add a fabulous touch not just to our Mall but to Tallinn as a whole, providing an incentive for tourists to stay a day longer and bring the whole family,” he noted.

According to Alar Kajari, CEO of the operator of the Super Skypark entertainment centre, the observation wheel will soon be transported to Tallinn and reassembled. “We won’t announce an exact opening date just yet, but we believe the grand opening ride will be possible as early as April,” Kajari added.

The 27-pod Ferris wheel is an important element of the novel shopping and entertainment concept underlying T1 Mall of Tallinn, recently opened at the beginning of Tallinn’s Peterburi tee. It is the first centre in Europe featuring a rooftop observation wheel, a landmark attraction. Only five similar structures are known to exist in the world, all of them in Asia.

Each heated and air-conditioned pod of the Ferris wheel has room for up to six people. The wheel also has a VIP gondola for the romantics. The pods are accessible by wheelchair as well.

The Ferris wheel project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Source: Super Skypark