Ratsuri Houses in Kristiine City Tallinn is sold out

March 17, 2021

Ratsuri Houses became the first Pro Kapital’s development project in 25 years, which was sold out before the end of construction. Ratsuri Houses is part of the Kristiine City residential quarter, which has become a truly valued area by customers. Most homes in Kristiine City, also in other development projects have found a new owner before the end of construction. To date, in our new project in the area Kindrali Houses, more than 50% of the apartments have already been booked or sold before the start of construction.

People’s interest in Ratsuri Houses and other developments in Kristiine City is a confirmation that this area has turned into a valued living environment. Although Kristiine City is very close to the city center, you feel as if you’re in a lovely green and safe garden city. Home buyers also appreciate the high quality and functionality of the developments.

Ratsuri Houses is a truly unique combination of historical character and modern architecture. During the construction, the 20th-century stable building under heritage protection was reconstructed, and a new New-Dutch style building was built to accompany it. Ratsuri Houses has a total of 39 diverse homes – 17 in the former stable building and 22 in the new building. The stable house welcomes with its thick stone walls, historical limestone, and red brick. The homes are open to the heart of Kristiine City on the one hand, and to their own private courtyard area on the other. The New Dutch-style houses have functional townhouses, floor-to-ceiling windows, lots of light, and cozy loggias. There are both smaller and larger, two-story homes.

Kristiine City is a complete and versatile living environment in the heart of Tallinn, where functional city houses with a modern look are being built. The history of this area dates back to the 17th century when summer manors were built. At the beginning of the 20th century, the buildings of Peter the Great’s sea fortress were erected here, part of which is also barracks that have become familiar to people. Today, Kristina Houses, where more than 300 families live, have been completed in Kristiine City, Tondi 51 barracks, loft-style apartments at Marsi 6, and now Ratsuri Houses have been given a new life. The construction of Pro Kapital’s new development project in Kristiine City, Kindrali Houses will begin soon and in addition, there are many more historical pearls waiting to be developed here.