We have started the construction of Kindrali Houses in Kristiine City, Tallinn

April 1, 2021

We have started the construction of Kindrali Houses with modern and Scandinavian architecture. In two construction phases, three buildings with different exterior architecture and functional plannings will be built, a spacious and embossed courtyard area between the houses, also underground and above-ground parking spaces. In the first construction phase, which started today, two buildings will be completed, the completion of which is planned for the summer of 2022 at the latest, and to date, more than 50% of the apartments have been sold or booked.

Kindrali Houses is an exciting and versatile development – on the one hand, there is a tree-lined alley framing the buildings, and Brooklyn-like high first-floor homes or commercial spaces that open directly into the street. On the other hand, there is a spacious and private courtyard between the buildings with fruit trees, berry bushes, cozy seating areas and play areas, which offers joy and activity for everyone. The development of Kindrali Houses brings a lively city center atmosphere to the garden-city environment of Kristiine City. The 1-5 room apartments of Kindrali Houses are private and bright, and almost all homes have balconies. The interior finish is truly timeless and you will find very high quality and well-known manufacturers. We believe, this will give new homeowners security and peace of mind for years to come.

The architects of the buildings and landscape of the Kindrali Houses are the leading architect Indrek Tiigi and the Allianss Arhitektid, and the interior architect is Galina Burnakova. More information about the Kindrali Houses can be found here.

Kristiine City is a complete and versatile living environment in the heart of Tallinn, where functional city houses with a modern look will be built. The history of this area dates back to the 17th century when summer manors were built. At the beginning of the 20th century, the buildings of Peter the Great’s sea fortress were built here, part of which are the barracks which are familiar to people. We have brought an urban atmosphere to this area with an exciting history and it has become a beloved living environment. Today, Kristina Houses, where more than 300 young families live, have been completed in Kristiine City, also Tondi 51 barracks and Marsi 6 lofts have been given a new life. In March 2021 , a development called Ratsuri Houses was completed. This is a unique combination of a historic stable building and a New Holland-style house that was build to companion the stable house. Ratsuri Houses is the first development of Pro Kapital, which was sold out before the end of construction.