T1 Mall of Tallinn – the future is in entertainment

November 15, 2019

Our member of the board, Allan Remmelkoor and Alar Kajari, a founder of the Super Skypark, talked about the importance of entertainment in the T1 Mall of Tallinn shopping center. T1 has more surprises for the visitors in the near future – authentic, free-fall and grown-ups are just a few keywords.

According to Alar Kajar, the first year for the Super Skypark has been very successful and far better than anticipated. “We did not believe that so many visitors would come during the summer holidays, as our other centers in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are much less visited during the summer period.” Kajari says the location of T1, right on the border of Lasnamäe and the City Center, also having neighbouring living areas like Peetri amongst others, is definitely playing an important role in the success. Another reason he emphasises is the atmosphere. “For us, this is truly a spot-on right location. I think we nailed this one,” Kajari added.

Super Skypark offers multiple different activities, with the main attraction being the trampoline playground. The other important attraction is the science center Sky Lab. “The science center has, however, remained not so noticed yet. We are currently thinking about changing the place for entrance which would allow people to find it more easily.” The observation wheel, opened in spring, has received a warm welcome and is visited frequently. “Children love the Ferris Wheel and visit it many times with their grandparents.” Kajari noted that there are 1.3 million people in Estonia, in addition to the tourists – therefore the observation wheel will be attractive for several years. “Ofcourse, we don’t expect all Estonian people to go on a Ferris Wheel in one or two years.”

Kajari also added that when he has foreign guests, he always takes them to the observation wheel, and Allan Remmelkoor does the same. “This is a great attraction – it is unique and will definitely add a lot of value to the center.”

The board member of Pro Kapital Allan Remmelkoor says they have a broad spectrum of entertainment at the center that cannot be just tried out and enjoyed at once. “The center must have a critical mass of entertainment for people to discover and visit it repeatedly.”

Plans for the future

Kajari opened up about the future plans: “We are still thinking of additional attractions within T1. In a couple of years we plan to launch a so-called drop down, where in one of the atriums a safe iron chair rides up to 30 meters and for a  2-3 seconds a person can experience a real free fall.” He added that if there is such a free fall in an open air amusement park, it is still a little cool experience. In addition, they plan to create an indoor bowling alley, a laser game and a spa on the third floor of the T1 Mall of Tallinn. “While the fourth floor is for children up to the age of 15, the third floor will be primarily for people 15 and older.”

According to Remmelkoor, they are working on bringing something exciting to do and discover in the centre to different age groups and people. “Since Super Skypark is primarily aimed at children, we want to expand the opportunities for adults throughout the center. We want to better integrate the shopping process with spending the leisure time than its today. ”

Remmelkoor says they have been approached by representatives of various dance training clubs and associations, but the problem today is that T1 simply lacks the space needed. “We definitely aspire bringing more activities related to activities such as sports, dancing, hobbies, art schools. All of these are exciting for us.”

With the planned changes, there is currently and active design phase for the third floor. It is very likely that the first steps in construction can start already at the beginning of the new year. The plan of the T1 Mall of Tallinn is to expand the opportunities for leisure. “This means there is a good balance between classical commerce, food and drink, entertainment and all that in a nice contemporary atmosphere. On the entertainment side, we want to come up with something original and not to copy what others are doing,” said Remmelkoor.

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