AS Pro Kapital Grupp initiates a written procedure to approve waivers regarding its senior secured callable fixed rate bonds 2020/2024

June 15, 2021

As announced by AS Pro Kapital Grupp (“Pro Kapital” or the “Company”) on 10 June 2021 by way of press release, certain major bondholders representing approximately 75.44 percent. of the nominal amount of the Bonds have agreed to give certain waivers in relations to the Company’s senior secured callable fixed rate bonds 2020/2024 with ISIN SE0013801172 (the “Bonds”) in a written procedure among the bondholders (the “Written Procedure”). Waivers pertain to certain financial covenants and financial reporting undertakings. Today, the Company initiates the Written Procedure.

The notice of the Written Procedure, including the proposed waivers and detailed information regarding the voting procedure, will be available at the Company’s website under section Shareholder: Legal documents can be found here.

Pro Kapital has today also instructed Nordic Trustee & Agency AB (publ), being the agent under the Bonds, to send the notice of Written Procedure to bondholders directly registered in the Company’s debt ledger held with Euroclear Sweden in order to receive the bondholders’ approval of the proposed waivers in relation to the Bonds, as described in the notice of Written Procedure.

For questions regarding the administration of the Written Procedure, please contact the agent at voting.sweden@nordictrustee.com or +46 8 783 79 00. For other questions, please contact Pro Kapital using the contact details set forth below.