Saltiniu Namai Attico

Residential District

Status: Five new apartment buildings on the border of Vilnius Old Town have been completed and sales of these exclusive and private apartments are active. The second phase of Saltiniu Namai Attico is under planning.

Šaltinių Namai | Attico is a prestigious living area, surrounded by the nature in the most tranquil part of the Old Town, located within the UNESCO protection area. Šaltinių Namai | Attico is inspired by the baroque spirit of Vilnius Old Town and the tradition of Italian architecture in Lithuania. Šaltinių Namai | Attico is planned for different user journeys – so that every home or business owner would feel welcomed and good here.

Homebuyers can choose from thoroughly planned apartments with exceptional views, spacious properties with roof top terraces, height ceiling and showcase windows to panoramic view. As an integral part of the landscape, this unique area has the first Italian courtyard garden in the city, designed by an Italian concept architect Gianmarco Cavagnino. To date we have completed five houses of the Šaltinių Namai | Attico project and are currently planning the following construction phase with city villas and commercial building.

Šaltinių Namai | Attico is a residential and business area, with emphasis on the secure and comfortable living environment and car-free city-space.  The first phase was completed in 2019. Šaltinių Namai | Attico is truly valued by people for the exceptionally high quality, functionality, thoughtful user experience, security and comfort. Here, right on the border of the Old Town of Vilnius, people live like in the garden city – away from the noise of the city centre and yet right in the heart of Vilnius.