Klīversala Quarter

Residential area

Status: Kliversala Quarter is under development. An exclusive residential building River Breeze Residence is completed with active sales. Following phases of Kliversala are in progress.

KlÄ«versala is a breathtaking peninsula on the left bank of the Daugava river, facing the towers of old townĀ Riga and the President Castle. KlÄ«versala is located at the most picturesque and beautiful part of theĀ center of Riga and holds a rich history.

Klīversala will be developed as an integral area that binds together the feeling of a metropolitan, modern architecture and well considered living environment. Klīversala Quarter will be a new centre of the urban city life, creating fine balance between residential buildings, cafes and restaurants with an open area for people at any age to enjoy.

This area is unique and outstanding across Europe – it is located right in the heart of the city, just a walking distance from the old town, spectacular views and at the same time green and quiet.

The very first residence of the KlÄ«versala has been completed – River Breeze Residence is a truly one of a kind landmark of the cityā€™s silhouette, located on the shore of the Daugava. River Breeze Residence is known and recognized for its unique appearance and impeccable quality. The round shape of the Residence allows to catch as much sunlight as possible and offers spectacular views to the Old Riga and its tower, and river Daugava.

River Breeze Residence is a unique home for people who value high quality, enjoy modernĀ architecture and well considered green living environment in the best location. River Breeze Residence consists of 47 apartments in total with a wide range of selection for differentĀ needs and expectations ā€“ spacious townhouses with terraces, well-lighted apartments with large terraces and breath-taking views and large, luxurious penthouses on the last floor.

River Breeze Residence is located within the UNESCO heritage protection area and is thereby considered as a highly valuable territory.