Pro Kapital Business Centre

Business centre

Building volume: 11,400 m2
Total investment: € 7.5 million

Centrally located on Narva road, in the city centre of Tallinn, close to the Tallinn Passenger Port. Turning a former industrial building that used to be a part of the Estonian Cable industrial complex into a contemporary business centre was the first large development project for Pro Kapital in Estonia. The building complex was bought in 1995, the works were completed in 1997-1998. A four-storey office building built on the Narva road side is connected with the five-floor office complex on the Jõe road side, forming a L-shaped layout with an additional apartment and office building at Aedvilja 1 and Narva road 13a.

Narva road 13 building is managed by Pro Halduse OÜ, a subsidairy company of Pro Kapital Eesti. Narva road 13a was developed by Pro Kapital Eesti but is no longer managed by Pro Halduse OÜ.