Jegorov House

Luxury apartments

Building volume: 4,700 m2
Total investment: € 7.6 million

The historical building, bought in 2000, is located in the Town Hall Square of medieval Tallinn Old Town. Already mentioned in the 14th century the ensemble of buildings, that are situated in Raekoja square 8; Kinga street 6,8; Pikk street 12 and Mündi street 1,3, got its name in the 1918 when the merchant Iwan Jegorovitš bought the quarter. The quarter has a restaurant in the basement, shops on the ground floor, apartments on the 2nd-5th floors that have one to five rooms with some of the apartments on two floors and a inner quartyard.

The house is managed by Pro Halduse OÜ, a subsidiary company of Pro Kapital Eesti.