Third Kindrali House has reached its height

March 15, 2022

The third building of the Kindrali Houses development, built in Kristiine City residential quarter, known for its barracks, reached its full height. We celebrated it with a traditional rafter party.

With the development of Kindrali Houses, three houses with Nordic architecture will be built in the historical area in two stages. The White and Black Houses, named after their exterior, will be completed this year, and the construction of the Red House, which celebrated the rafter party, will be completed in the spring of 2023 at the latest. A total of 195 homes will be completed in the development of Kindrali Houses. This is the first Pro Kapital development project, where all the apartments found a buyer before the first stage raffle party, which took place last November. It shows the activity of the real estate market and the desire of people to renew their living environment. Such demand also illustrates the uniqueness of the development of Kindrali Houses and Kristiine City and the trust in the quality offered by our company. We are preparing for the next stage of General Houses, which will bring another 181 homes to the residential quarter of Kristiine City with a small-town ambiance.

Kindrali Houses is an architecturally versatile development – on the one hand, there is an alley of trees framing the buildings, and on the other hand, the tall first-floor homes of Brooklyn, which open directly into the street space. On the other hand, there is a spacious and private courtyard between the buildings. The development of the Kindrali Houses, which is versatile and enriches the architecturally historical Tondi area, gives the living environment in Kristiine a Nordic character and brings the city a central rhythm. The architects of the buildings and landscape of the Kindrali Houses are the leading architect Indrek Tiigi and Allianss Arhitektid, who, in addition to residential real estate, have created several projects that are important for urban space. Kindrali Houses building complex is being built by Oma Ehitaja AS.