Start of second phase of construction of Kindrali Houses

June 21, 2021

On 3 February 2021, OÜ Marsi Elu, a company belonging to the AS Pro Kapital Grupp group, and Oma Ehitaja AS signed a contract for the construction of three five-story building complexes in Kristiine City residential area. The construction of Kindrali Houses is being carried out in two stages with a total cost of 20 million euros including the VAT. In the first construction phase 129 apartments in two buildings with parking spaces under the houses and above-ground will be completed, c.a. 91.5% of the apartments have been already sold or booked. Due to the high demand for the residential premises in Kristiine City, we’ve decided to speed up the development process and last week notified Oma Ehitaja AS about the intention to start with the second construction phase i.e., third building as per signed construction contract. In the second phase, a residential building with 66 apartments will be built with estimated completion in February 2023.

We are very pleased to see that the development of Kindrali Houses has been so warmly received by people. This is a unique and special development that integrates quality in materials and construction, diverse architecture and a people-centered approach into a pleasant combination.

Kindrali Houses will be built in the Kristiine City residential quarter with an exciting history. Here we have already built Kristina Houses, restored Tondi 51 barracks building, Marsi 6 lofts and this spring completed Ratsuri Houses. The contemporary and Nordic architecture of Kindrali Houses will bring a new kind of diversity to Kristiine City. On one hand, there is a tree-lined boulevard surrounding the houses with Brooklyn-like high first-floor homes or commercial premises that open directly onto the street. On the other hand, the spacious and private courtyard between the buildings with apple trees, berry bushes, cozy seating areas and play areas offers joy and activity for everyone. The versatile development of the Kindrali Houses will add lively atmosphere characteristic of the city center to the Kristiine City’s garden city milieu. The architects of the buildings and landscape of Kindrali Houses are the leading architect Indrek Tiigi and Allianss Arhitektid and the interior architect is Galina Burnakova.

Please find more information about Kindrali Houses here.

Kristiine City is an integral and versatile living environment in the heart of Tallinn, where functional city homes with contemporary design are being built. The garden-like and private Kristiine City is convenient and easily accessible on foot, by bicycle, by car, or by public transport. Kristiine City has become a place highly valued by people.

More information about Kristiine City can be found here.