River Breeze Residence receives the 2019 Riga Architecture Award

October 7, 2019

The city of Riga celebrated the World Architecture Day, on the 7th of October 2019, with the Architecture of the Year. This year, Pro Kapital’s unique apartment building River Breeze Residence, won the prestigious award for the balance between private and public outdoor space in an exclusive and innovative housing project. 

River Breeze Residence is the first development project of Kliversala Quarter, located on a breathtaking peninsula Kliversala, on the left bank of the Daugava river. Kliversala is unique and outstanding across Europe due to its location right at the heart of Riga, with the walking distance from the old town, spectacular views and at the same time green and quiet. The land plot of Kliversala is almost five hectares and is located within the UNESCO heritage protection area.

In 2019, the finalists of the prize were traditionally industrial and urban objects with a significant contribution to the wider quality of the urban environment, as well as high-quality projects, whose joint efforts of the commissioners and authors preserve, renew and supplement the architectural heritage of Riga.

The author of River Breeze Residence is Didrihsons and Didrihsons Ltd:
Construction project manager and architect: Ventis Didrihsons
Architects: Kaspars Lauga, Ivo Kalvelis, Līva Banka, Alise Jēkabsone, Andris Gudiņš