Results of the subscription of debt securities

May 28, 2015

AS Pro Kapital Grupp (hereinafter Pro Kapital) informed its investors on 20.04.2015 that Pro Kapital Management Board decided to announce the start of the subscription process of the secured, callable, fixed rate bonds (hereinafter the “Bonds”).

The Management Board has decided on the allocation of the first subscription of the Bonds as follows:

  1. Pro Kapital will issue 70 Bonds with issue price of EUR 7 000 000;
  2. the nominal value of the Bonds will be EUR 100,000 each;
  3. the Bonds will carry interest at a 8%, p.a.;
  4. the issue date of the first tranche of the Bonds is expected to take place on 01.06.2015
  5. the final redemption date of the Bonds will take place on 31.05.2020.
  6. the obligations and liabilities of Pro Kapital arising from the Bonds and related documents will be secured by the first ranking security over the following assets:
    – all shares (including rights attached thereto) in the following companies owned by Pro Kapital and its subsidiaries (including all shares issued and acquired at any time in the future): AS Pro Kapital Eesti, Pro Kapital Latvia JSC, Pro Kapital Vilnius Real Estate UAB, PRO KAPITAL Germany GmbH, Pro Kapital Germany Holdings OÜ, OÜ Ilmarise Kvartal, Pro Halduse OÜ, OÜ Hotel Management Services, AS Tondi Kvartal, OÜ Marsi Elu, PK Hotel Management Services GmbH, “Klīversala RE” SIA, “Tallina nekustamie īpašumi” SIA, “NEKUSTAMO ĪPAŠUMU SABIEDRĪBA “ZVAIGZNES CENTRS”” SIA, “Hotel Management Services” SIA; In Vitam UAB; PK Invest UAB and Pro Kapital Bonum UAB;
    – three banks accounts opened in connection with the issuance of the Bonds (escrow account, debt service account and deposit account);
  7. the Bonds will be registered with Euroclear Sweden AB;
  8. Pro Kapital plans to apply for the listing of the Bonds at the corporate bond list on Nasdaq Stockholm.

CEO of Pro Kapital Paolo Michelozzi comment on the first subscription of the Bonds: “we are glad that we have received positive feedback and demand from the investors and are satisfied with the allocation amount of the first subscription of the bonds. We had many contacts with investors and are making preparations for the next tranches of bond subscription”.

This notice has been published to comply with the rule 7.6. of the Requirement for Issuers of Nasdaq Tallinn Stock-Exchange.