Prolongation of the second subscription period of non-convertible bonds by private placement

November 6, 2020

AS Pro Kapital Grupp announced on 30 September 2020 that the Management Board decided to launch the second tranche of privately placed subscriptions of unsecured, callable, fixed rate non-convertible bonds by the Company (hereinafter the “Bonds”). The announced subscription period of the bonds was 1 October 2020 – 28 October 2020.

Due to technical reasons, at the request of a potential investor the Management Board of AS Pro Kapital Grupp has on 06 November 2020 decided for the second time to prolong the subscription term until 13 November 2020.

AS Pro Kapital Grupp shall inform of the results of the offer with the separate notice after the decision of allocation of the Bonds is made.

This notice is published in accordance with the article 7.6. of the “Requirements for Issuers” and is not an offer to subscribe the Bonds.