Pro Kapital Latvia´s daughter company concluded the construction agreement for River Breeze Residence in Klīversala.

July 12, 2016

Today, on the 13 June, 2016 the results of the general contractor competition for the construction of the River Breeze Residence have been confirmed and construction agreement signed.

The new apartment building in Riga, Klīversala, will be built by construction company “LNK Industries”. Construction will begin in July, but the building itself will be commitioned in 18 months – winter of 2017. The volume of the construction agreement is 12.6 mln eur, excluding VAT.

7 construction companies registered in Latvia took part in the competition. A general contractor is tasked with full scope of the construction and connections to all the engineering networks, as well as upkeep of the premises and the coastline.

River Breeze Residence on Kuģu str. 28 is the first building to be built as part of the Klīversalas area development, developed by A/S “Pro Kapital Latvia” daughter company SIA “Klīversala”. Total area of the building is 12 850 square meters, it has 7 floors and 2 underground parking sites. Currently 48 apartments are planned, their areas range from 56 to 316 square meters. At this moment 8 prepurchase agreements have been already signed.

Each apartment has a terrace and is equipped with individually regulated energy-efficient ventilation system. The upper floors have built-in fireplaces, while the other floors have an option for one. First floor apartments are constructed in a town house manner – in two levels, with a private, walled-off area, creating the feeling of a private house in the very center of Riga.

Paolo Michelozzi, CEO of AS Pro Kapital Group: “We are aware of how important the Klīversalas area is to Rigas urban environment, and we are planning the development of this territory with special reverance. The architects are planning to integrate “River Breeze Residence” seemlessly into the natural enviornment by decorating the roofs and roof terraces with various greenery and plants.”

Additional information: Iveta Vanaga, phone: 29239064, e-mail: iveta@a-sono.lv