Pro Kapital is publishing a listing prospectus and has applied for admission to trading of its nonconvertible bonds 20-2024 on Nasdaq OMX Tallinn bond list

January 19, 2021

AS Pro Kapital Grupp (“Pro Kapital”) has issued EUR 9,685,426.80 unsecured, callable, fixed-rate non-convertible bonds EUR 8.00 PRO KAPITAL GRUPP VÕLAKIRI 20-2024 with ISIN EE3300001676 (herein Bonds) with maturity on 31 October 2024. Pro Kapital announces that it will publish a listing prospectus in respect of these Bonds today, on 19 January 2021 and has already applied for admission to trading the Bonds on Nasdaq OMX Tallinn’s bond list.

Pro Kapital informed on 22 May 2020 that the Supervisory Council of Pro Kapital has on 21 May 2020 decided to approve the issue of the Bonds. The Bonds were issued in three tranches: (1) on 03 August 2020 Pro Kapital issued 2,925,641 bonds with issue value of 8,191,794.80 euros; (2) on 27 November 2020 Pro Kapital issued 187,502 Bonds with issue value of 525,005.60 euros; and (3) on 15 January 2021 Pro Kapital issued 345,938 Bonds with issue value of 968,626.40 euros. 3,459,081 Bonds have been issued with total issue value of 9,685,426.80 euros.

On 15 January 2021, Pro Kapital respectively canceled Pro Kapital’s convertible bonds used as payment for the Bonds in the third tranche as follows: 315,309 PKG1 convertible bonds and 30,629 PKG7 convertible bonds were canceled.

Pro Kapital has applied for admission to trading of its 20-2024 Bonds on the bond list of Nasdaq OMX Tallinn and the first day of trading is expected to be on or about 27 January 2021. In connection with this, Pro Kapital has prepared a listing prospectus that has been approved by the Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority on 19 January 2021. The prospectus will be available through Pro Kapital’s website (www.prokapital.com) and the Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority’s website (www.fi.ee).