On 20 October we celebrated the opening of our beautiful Kalaranna District!

October 25, 2022

The celebration took place on a commercial space of approx. 270 m2 in the same Kalaranna District and accommodated about a hundred guests.
As of today, 8 houses, a square that connects the buildings, and the Kalaranna park have been completed. Currently, we are also actively preparing for the next 4 exclusive houses that are about to be built.
The architects of Kalaranna District, which has been in the making for about a decade, are Mihkel Tüür and Ott Kadarik (Kadarik Tüür Architects) and the landscape architects are Maarja Tüür and Kerttu Kõll (Sfäär Planeeringud). The elegant interior architecture was made by Galina Burnakova.
We sincerely thank all the guests who made the opening party a night to remember.
📸Ardo Kaljuvee