Building permit was issued to Kindrali Houses

September 6, 2020

A building permit has been issued for the next project of Kristiine City’s residential quarter, Kindrali Houses, and the pre-sale of homes is ongoing. We hope to start the construction of Kindrali Houses in 2021. 

Kindrali Houses development is a truly unique home for people who value ​​urban architecture and a green living environment. The spacious garden city courtyard has play corners, fruit trees, berry bushes, cozy seating areas and a comfortable bicycle car park. The buildings are framed by a central alley of trees. All functional townhouses with 1-5 rooms have large balconies and timeless interior decoration offers something for everyone – be it feminine elegance or stronger contrast.

The architects of Kindrali Houses are Tarmo Kübard, Matthias Klitzsch, Evelin Eelma and the lead architect is Indrek Tiigi from Allianss Arhitektid. Landscape architecture was also completed in cooperation with Allianss Arhitektid, and the architects are Eha Jakobi and Indrek Tiigi as the lead architect. The interior architect is Galina Burnakova. The interior finishing materials of Kindrali Houses offer timeless quality with an aesthetic look, and many iconic brands can be found here. We chose ceramic tiles for homes from Interstudio, Meister Lindura parquet floors from RM Studio and sanitary ceramics from Villeroy & Boch new Avento collection.

We are happy to talk more about the project and show the home plans in our office , Sõjakooli 11. Please register your interest online or contact directly with our sales team:

  • Kaili Tamm / kaili.tamm@prokapital.com / +372 5684 7474
  • Sille Tapver / sille.tapver@prokapital.com / +372 5808 0877
  • Karilin Paas / karilin.paas@prokapital.com / +372 53 345 074

Kindrali Houses will be built in Kristiine City. It is a complete living environment with an urban atmosphere. An area which history dates back to the 17th century, when the first manors were established here. Kristiine City residential quarter is a unique combination of modern architecture and historical character. An environment where high-quality architecture and choice of materials are exemplified by garden greenery and silence