About the shares held by the largest shareholder of AS Pro Kapital Grupp and his affiliates

January 2, 2024

Mr Ernesto Preatoni, the largest shareholder of AS Pro Kapital Grupp, and his affiliates own a total of 27 955 063 shares, i.e. 49.31% of the shares of AS Pro Kapital Grupp. 22 364 424 shares held by Mr Ernesto Preatoni and his affiliates were transferred to SA Preatoni Group, a company registered in France. Mr Ernesto Preatoni is also the major shareholder in SA Preatoni Group. Following the transfer, 22 364 424 shares will continue to be held on the same nominee accounts. The ultimate beneficial owner of these shares, i.e. Mr Ernesto Preatoni, has not changed since the transaction. The person who controls the votes represented by the shares remains the same.

Edoardo Axel Preatoni
Member of the Management Board
Phone: +372 614 4920
e-mail: prokapital@prokapital.ee