Kristiine City

Residential area

Status: Kristiine City is under development. The sales of new development projects “Ratsuri Houses” and “Kindrali Houses” are ongoing.

Kristiine City is an integral and unique residential district close to a downtown Tallinn – as if it were a “city within a city”. This is a safe, green and functional living environment.

Homes in Kristiine City are planned in a smart thorugh manner, have stylish design and contemporary look. Together with the new houses, we bring new life into the much-valued historic buildings from the early 20th century.

Today, the historic Tondi 51 Barracks and Mars 6 lofts have received new life through renovation in Kristiine City. Kristina Houses project, designed by Alliance Architects, has welcomed nearly 310 new families to Kristiine City.

Current development – Ratsuri Houses
The construction of the Ratsuri Houses is ongoing and the new homes will be completed in spring 2021. This is a unique development in the heart of Kristiine City, combining a historic stable building with a contemporary New Dutch style building in a balanced whole. The Ratsuri Houses will be finished by the spring 2021. There are still a few homes available and can be found on the web page:

  • Architects of the Ratsuri Houses: NÜÜD architects – Helen Rebane, Kadi Paluoja, Tanel Teder
  • Interior architect: Galina Burnakova

Future development – Kindrali Houses
Our next project in Kristiine City is called Kindrali Houses, which emphasises comfort, safety and living in harmony with the environment. The contemporary and Nordic appearance of the buildings is complemented by the carefully selected high-quality materials and details in the interior design. There are both spacious five-room flats and ground floor studio apartments with a separate entrance as well as a separate washing room for the four-legged friends. Take a closer look and register your interest:

  • Architects of the Kindrali Houses: Alliance Architects – Indrek Tiigi, Tarmo Kübard, Matthias Klitzsch, Evelin Eelma
  • Landscape Architecture: Alliance Architects – Indrek Tiigi, Eha Jakobi
  • Interior architect: Galina Burnakova